Nothing is more completely the child of art than a garden. ~ Sir Walter Scott  

The objective of this family oriented garden was to create a playful character for the client’s young children.

‘Bubbles’ were cut into the hardscape for a whimsical effect and to help lead the eye deeper into the garden. The rough cut cedar retention was re-inforced with 6×6 posts coupled together to provide seating for adults and ledges for children’s games.

  • Reddoor-Victoria-Landscaping-Cochrane-1
  • Reddoor-Victoria-Landscaping-Cochrane-2
  • Reddoor-Victoria-Landscaping-Cochrane-11
  • Reddoor-Victoria-Landscaping-Cochrane-8
  • Reddoor-Victoria-Landscaping-Cochrane-5
  • Reddoor-Victoria-Landscaping-Cochrane-10
  • Reddoor-Victoria-Landscaping-Cochrane-4
  • Reddoor-Victoria-Landscaping-Cochrane-3
  • Reddoor-Victoria-Landscaping-Cochrane-6
  • Reddoor-Victoria-Landscaping-Cochrane-7
  • Reddoor-Victoria-Landscaping-Cochrane-9
  • Reddoor-Victoria-Landscaping-Cochrane-12