How We Got Here

Established in 2013 as a boutique landscape design and build company, Red Door’s professionalism, dedication, and knowledge of craft has allowed us to evolve and offer a larger range of landscape services, including maintenance. Over the years we have accumulated equipment that allows us to take on larger projects and our staff certifications cover a growing array of formal landscape training.

How We Work

Red Door prides itself in offering an enjoyable experience to clients supported by a proven process and the highest level of professionalism. We value strong written communication, accurate time and expense tracking and dedicated project management. Our crews show up in their Red Door gear and conduct themselves respectfully and with an appreciation for their work, their job sites and their clients.


Our Commitment To Green

Red Door is focused on reducing its environmental impact wherever possible. Our maintenance team operates exclusively with electric equipment meaning we do not produce carbon emissions or noise pollution on our sites. We have gone paperless where possible using mobile apps for time and expense tracking and employ like-minded staff that respects the issues facing our environment today.


Our People

We invest in our team to create a healthy, fulfilling and inclusive work environment. Our staff are our friends that we respect and care about and wherever possible we provide unique opportunities that offer a bigger sense of purpose. We believe in providing a work environment where everyone is committed to doing their absolute best, while still having fun.


Our Culture

As the business grows, so has our emphasis on providing a conducive work environment for our staff. We offer a range of programs including health benefits, employee education, low-season supplemental income and in house group wellness and fitness. Our centrally located shop doubles as a clubhouse for our staff and we embrace a work hard play hard attitude.


Our Community

Our involvement in our community is important to how Red Door operates as a business. We believe that small, private enterprises such as ours have a significant role to play in helping the local community and protecting a piece of our environment. We routinely volunteer our time and resources to local non-profit organizations and contribute to land conservation initiatives.


Our Fleet

Our fleet is clean and professionally branded. We have a range of heavy equipment for all types of projects and have invested over the years in fuel efficient trucks. We are particularly proud of our rolling art trucks which were designed by one of our talented staff members. Although the landscape industry has a particularly heavy carbon footprint, we are doing our best to reduce ours with an efficient and well-maintained fleet.